Download Samsung Galaxy J1 SM-J100H Firmware, flash file, ROM

Disclaimer: Those flash file firmware use to Restore, Unbrick, Format, Update or Repair some Samsung Galaxy J1 SM-J100H software problem, flashing a firmware is not without risks. If you don’t do it properly, you might render your phone inoperable. If you decide to proceed we won’t be liable to whatever might get wrong (neither we could provide technical support).

What you can do with Samsung Galaxy J1 SM-J100H Stock Firmware / ROM?

  • Unroot your Smartphone
  • Unbrick your Smartphone
  • Restore your smartphone back to factory settings
  • Remove any custom ROM/Recovery on your smartphone
  • Set it back to 100% stock settings, just like the day you first got it

Backup your data before start flashing you mobile phone.

How to flash Samsung firmware via Odin

How to Backup your Data on Android device

You are flashing at your own risk.

Firmware, flash file, ROM Samsung Galaxy J1 SM-J100H

Download Link:

From here:

From here: J100HXXU0AOB4 OXE0AOB4 v4.4.4 Repair

From here: J100HXXU0AOG4 OXE0AOG4 v4.4.4 Repair

From here: J100HXXU0AOA3 OJV0AOA2 Arabic v4.4.4 Repair

From here: SM-J100H J100HXXS0APG2 J100HOLB0APB2

From here: SM-J100H J100HXCU0APE3 J100HXEU0APE3

From here: SM-J100H J100HXCS0APE1 J100HOXA0AOB1

From here: SM-J100H J100HXCU0APE3 J100HVIA0APF1

From here: SM-J100H J100HXCU0APE3 J100HVFG0APA1

From here: SM-J100H J100HXCU0APE3 J100HTSI0APE3

From here: SM-J100H J100HXCU0APE3 J100HOXX0APE3

From here: SM-J100H J100HXCU0APE3 J100HTEN0APG1

From here: SM-J100H J100HDDU0APE1 J100HODD0APE1

From here: SM-J100H J100HXXU0APE3 J100HOXX0APE3

From here: SM-J100H J100HXXU0APD1 J100HXFV0APE1

From here: SM-J100H J100HXXU0APD1 J100HOXE0APD1

From here: SM-J100H J100HXXU0APD1 J100HOJV0APE1

From here: SM-J100H J100HXXU0APB4 J100HOLB0APB2

From here: SM-J100H J100HXCU0AOI1 J100HPHE0AOI1

From here: SM-J100H J100HXXU0AOC1 J100HOLB0AOC1


You can find the Samsung Galaxy stock firmware you need in the Samsung Firmware List.

Please: If any download link not working inform me by comment.

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